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Dustin Wayne was born on May 13, 1975 in Temple, Texas.  Throughout his childhood years, Dustin's father's career caused his family to move to several cities throughout the states of  Texas and  Oklahoma.  He and his family also relocated to Dustin's most memorable home as a child, Elvis Presley's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.  "I remember as a small child walking with my Mom and Dad up to the gates of Graceland  to see Elvis' home and here comes the King himself waving while leaving in his car."  By the age of ten, his family had moved back to Temple where he was then raised along with his younger brother.  Dustin has resided in the state of Texas ever since.  "My love of the Lone Star state and the Texas country keeps me in Texas."

Dustin's family always had a strong love for country music.  "We had all kinds of LP's and 8 tracks of Conway, Loretta, Dolly, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard and so many others.  I don't think we ever missed a CMA or ACM award show on television.  My Grandpa and I used to sit and watch music television shows like Hee Haw & the Marty Robins Show.  I remember always wishing that I was the one up on stage performing."  Having a strong christian and church background while growing up, Dustin's mother also sang gospel specials along with his Aunts in church. 

Ever since he came onto the country music scene in the early 80's,  George Strait has been Dustin's country music idol.  "When you say the word cowboy, you automatically think of George Strait.  His music has always inspired me, from his love ballads, to the honky tonk dance tunes."  Throughout high school, Dustin would close himself in his room or drive around in his pick-up truck to sing along with the radio to artists including George Strait , Ronnie Milsap, Merle Haggard and Conway

It was not until the karaoke craze in the 90's that Dustin would sing in front of a crowd.  "I'll never forget the first time I got up on stage and how nervous I was.  I can't remember what song I sang, but it was an older country tune.  People cheered me on and two-stepped and when the song was over, several strangers told me that I did a great job and requested that I sing more songs.  I've been hooked ever since." 

Throughout college, Dustin and his friends would have karaoke parties or go out to the karaoke bars and honky tonks every chance they could.  He developed a constant cowboy image from his cowboy hat and starched shirt and jeans to his cowboy boots.  He also entered several karaoke contests and talent shows.  Dustin's instilled sense of sound and stage presence caused him to always do well.

Dustin's love for country music, along with is his wife Sarah, have encouraged him to pursue a career as a country music artist.  Since his days of karaoke, Dustin has taught himself to play the guitar and has recorded several demo CD's in studios.  His debut album is now in the process of being recording in Nashville, Tennessee.  Be sure to keep an eye on Dustin's website for the release date, sound bytes of his album and other information. 

"I'd like to thank my wife Sarah, all of my family and friends and especially my fans for all of your support.  I hope my music means as much to you as it means to me."


Dustin Wayne

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